Research & Education

Research Area

Research area covers the wide range of sediment-related disaster theme, and invites hydraulic engineers and sociologist who have high concern on disaster risk reduction program to work together to mitigate the negative impacts due to the disasters. Focus of the research area would not only limited to engineering viewpoints (such as mathematical modeling, numerical simulation technique, etc), but also those non-engineering approach (such as community-based, most adaptive technology, socio-environment, etc.). Participants are welcome and encouraged to adopt additional topics as sub themes which are considered relevant to the main theme.

Possible relevant sub-themes are;

  • Sediment Management at Volcanic and/or Non-volcanic Area
  • Development of Advanced GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Sediment Transport Hydraulics
  • Scour around Structures and Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Sediment Resources Management
  • Water Resources Engineering and Management
  • Landslides Disaster Mitigation System
  • Development of Monitoring, Forecasting, and Warning System
  • Flood Management and Risk Analysis
  • Coastal and Estuarine Disaster Management
  • Community-based and Socio-Culture Approach on Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Actual Situation and Mechanism of the Sediment, Flood and Related Disasters
  • Disaster Chain due to Extreme Heavy Rainfall, Volcanic activity, Earthquake
  • Etc.


In order to speed up the dissemination of research achievement results are conducted through both virtual and physical attendance, by means of conducting periodic scientific meetings such asĀ  seminars, workshops, trainings, short courses, etc. Development of guidelines on certain purposes related to disaster management is also a part of the network activities, particularly in term of education.

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