What is MSD-Network?

The Multimodal Sediment Disaster Network (MSD-Network) is a network which aimed at disseminating results of research and education activities on sediment-related disaster through partnership-based knowledge sharing among the members. The 1st International Workshop of MSD was conducted on 8-9 March 2010, attended by several universities from Japan, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The 8 March 2010 was then claimed as the establishment of the MSD-Network. Formulation of the network activities, i.e. types of natural disaster, budgeting or funding, and other related-administration consequences, were arranged separately, subject to the local issue owned by each country.

In the 1st Workshop, intensive discussion among key persons, i.e. Prof. Masaharu Fujita of Kyoto University of Japan, Prof. Kuniyaki Miyamoto of University of Tsukuba of Japan, Prof. Chjeng-Lun Shieh of National Chen Kung University of Taiwan, and Prof. Djoko Legono of Universitas Gadjah Mada was conducted, and agreement on further sustaining the MSD-Network was obtained. 


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